Stryker Knee Replacement: What You Should Know

Stryker Knee Replacement
Stryker total knee replacement has been touted as top-of-the-line products for those patients needing replacement surgery. However, in recent years, this manufacturer has come under scrutiny from surgeons, lawyers, and patients alike. Some of their products have been recalled, and court cases have been filed against the manufacturer in some instances. Read on to find out more about Stryker knee replacement recall:

Who is Stryker?

Stryker is a manufacturer of knee replacements, reconstructive technologies, neurotechnology and spine products, and medical and surgical products. According to their website, they want to make the lives of both their patients and medical professionals more comfortable and easy. Their corporate website also discusses social responsibility, touts their various industry awards, and more. There is very little information available about the risks of their products, recalls, lawsuits, or anything of that nature. Stryker Knee Replacement


There is no information at this time about Stryker knee replacement recall, either on their website or on news websites. However, there is information about the recall of the Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guides used in total knee replacement surgeries. This recall occurred on April 13, 2013, but these products have not been manufactured since November, 2012. Even so, those who felt that their knees were not working properly, or who had surgery in a facility where Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guides were used should call their surgeon or doctor, or call the manufacturer directly at 888-STRYKER on weekdays from 8 AM-8PM.

Replacement Issues

Even without formal recalls, many surgery patients who have been outfitted with Stryker knee replacement still find that they are in horrible pain after the surgery. Others find that their knees are not working correctly, and the surgery leaves them in even more debilitating pain than they were in before. Some, in rare cases, must even be rushed back to the hospital after their initial surgery to have another emergency surgery to correct issues with their replacements. Others have felt so cheated by this development that they have attempted to take the law into their own hands by contacting not only their doctors and the manufacturer, but also a lawyer who specializes in such cases. For some, this may be the best option if seeking medical and personal damages. total knee replacement

Court Cases, Lawyers, and the Law

There are more than a few patients who have, since getting a replacement that they felt had injured, more than helped them, have contacted lawyers about possible cases. As a customer of both Stryker and your lawyer, however, there are a few things you should know about such lawsuits before contacting a lawyer. Normally, the initial consultation appointment with your lawyer should be free. Many lawyers do not collect any fees unless they win a settlement for you. Be sure that this is the case. In most states there is a statute of limitations on such court cases. If you had your surgery a long time ago, you may no longer be eligible for a court case. You will also need to keep in mind if the system you have has been recalled, a lawsuit will get you more money than a recall will, but if you participate in a recall you may be ineligible to file a lawsuit. If you feel you would like to talk to a lawyer today about your system, look a few up in your local phone book or online and give them a call.

Replacement Components You Need Know


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