Stryker Triathlon Knee Replacement

Who would have a stryker triathlon knee replacement?

stryker triathlon knee replacement
Are you suffering from pain and disability in your knee because of arthritis or some injury? If yes, then don’t evade the knee pain because you may have to undergo a surgery. The surgery is basically done to improve the condition of living and to get rid of that tremendous ache. The operation has become quite popular currently because lots of people are seen to frequently opt for this surgery from private as well as government hospitals. And the results patients are achieving from the operations are well received and very satisfactory in the long run. Know that the procedure and recovery from a replacement surgery doesn’t have to be scary. In fact it can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Stryker is always looking for innovative technique to help patients. Initially, Stryker develops the triathlon system for many years. It was used in 2005 as a single radius, high flexion replacement technique. This was an interesting new system of a new piece of technology. Then the Triathlon was renamed as the GetAroundKnee.

Stryker knee replacement is only executed when the problem or the pain has gotten to a point that it is not controllable and can no more be restricted with treatments that do not need an operative method. In this replacement surgery, the surgeon eradicates the dented joint surface with a metal and plastic implant. Deciding to have the operation is a big decision and recovery from the surgery takes quite some time.

Many of us don’t know the fact that the knee had to bear a lot of weight and so it is bound to have some problems as we grow older. A very well replacement therapy plan must be followed just after the surgery for ensuring the proper restoration of the knee movement and also the mobility of the knee joints. The Arthroplasty basically involves the total replacement cartilage with the apparatus made up of the particular type of metals and the plastic materials. The surgery also requires that the patient must stay in the hospital for around five to seven days just after having the total replacement surgery. After this knee replacement by stryker the knee rehabilitation therapy starts which can carry on for more than three to four months. This plays a crucial role in the recovery. There are many rehabilitation centers which can give these services.


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